One year – we made it!

“Life isn’t a matter of milestones, but a matter of moments”

One year old! The good old saying “time flies” never had much meaning until I had a child. Boy, does time fly! I remember being pregnant and then life changed in a million ways when little M was born. She continues to amaze me each and every day. The things she does, the things she says – and I think this is only the start. This is my mom blog, M is my baby and this is my brag post – just a head’s up!

Milestones are “a significant stage or event in the development of something”, in this case growing up. But as mentioned in the quote, life isn’t about milestones. Yes, there are milestones that need to be reached by a certain time but all babies differ. I have friends with babies of similar ages, or friends whose babies have already gone through this and really, no two babies are the same. Milestones are a guideline – not an instruction manual.

I have been very blessed with a healthy baby. A baby who has had a cold maybe twice, gastro once and then just random bouts of misery (I blame those damn teeth!) I truly am grateful. During this year I learnt that all babies differ, but most importantly, MY baby differs. No two days are the same – that’s why mom’s drink wine. One day she will have a great night of sleeping, the next day is a nightmare.


The milestone board I made
for her birthday party.

This year has been filled with scary moments, overwhelming moments, but mostly fantastic moments. Little M was always curious, head up from a little age, looking at everything. She sat up at around 4 months old. She started crawling at 7 months. Her first two teeth appeared at 8 months – and then the great drought of NOTHING! Teething symptoms, misery, yelling, drooling for months and months. Everytime I think, here come those teeth – nope! A week after her first birthday she went through absolute hell. She cried for 3 days straight, wouldn’t eat and wouldn’t play. It was terrible. Only to see a whole 3 teeth had made its way down into the gum. Finally, at 13 months old, her top 2 teeth are making its way out the gums. Relief! It’s not easy getting up 8 times a night! She started walking at 11.5 months and now she is all over the place.

Her first word was “Dadow” (translated to ‘Shadow’ – our cat). She always likes ‘Oh wow’ when she sees a book or magazine. She can now say mama, papa, no (usually NO NO NO NO), ta – to everything, everywhere, baba and most recently – yellow. Yes this surprised me. She picked up a yellow block this weekend and said ‘yellow’. Of course I had to test it for a few times to see that she really was saying the block is yellow, but indeed she is. That such a little mind can do that amazes me. She now points and babbles all sorts of nonsensical words which is super cute.

She loves her bunny. I had to go around JHB looking for an identical bunny and even contacted Checkers only for them to tell me the pink one has been discontinued. Eventually I found two from lovely mommies on facebook. She also likes teddies as of recently, calling them ‘baba’. She loves to unpack the tupperware cupboard and the utensils drawer when I am cooking in the kitchen. She also loves to ‘draw’. She takes paper out the cupboard (that is why there is always paper on the floor in my photos and video’s) and the twister crayons and scribbles away looking all sophisticated with her pen and paper, haha!

She absolutely loves music! Her favourite song was “Hello my love – Westlife’. She loves watching Cocomelon on tv (baby shark – rolling eyes). Her new favourite song is “Walk me home – Pink”. As soon as it comes on she starts dancing, jumping up and down, stamping her foot.

This year flew by so quickly, with so many fantastic moments. I am in awe of the little being I was blessed with. To see her going from a little baby just lying there, to a little girl with her own feelings, choices and personality. Hubby and I have been so blessed with a healthy baby girl, one who continues to amaze us every day and we just love her to bits!

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