Getting to know my child… and loving her more than ever!

Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all

– Aristotle

They say you don’t know the joy of loving a child until you have your own. There is 100% truth in that statement. I lie here this evening in complete awe of the little being I call my own. A true gift from God she is. I know my previous post I spoke about the hardships of the little toddlersaurus, but to see the little girl she has become has been a great journey. You think of a 1.5 year old as a little baby, well I know I always have when teaching them previously, but they are total sponges taking in everything you do and say (which can be dangerous too!)

I do not have a little baba who just sits and watches anymore. She is now able to understand and interact. I figured a 17/18 month old wouldn’t do much else other than play around, but I see a total desire to learn and know more about the world. I spend my days scolding because she wants to draw on the walls, but laughing because of the cute things she does and says. I am amazed daily at all the things she absorbs. She is able to tell me numbers 2, 6 and 10, which I found pretty great! She just looooves sitting playing with her knob puzzles. A week ago, she couldn’t even put one puzzle in the correct spot, now she is able to complete it (with frustration and puzzle pieces flying while learning). It is awesome to see her sit and learn. Books, don’t even get me started. Loves “reading” her books and chatting about what she sees.


I see the bonds she forms with us. She loves her Shadow-cat and will run to her if she hears her, but says “no Shadow” when she is scratching the bed base. When she hears the complex gate open, she jumps up and says “pappa“. (Why she never says mamma I don’t know). She had such a great time playing with her aunt Mielie this week as well as her grandpa. She has come a long way as previously she was attached to my hip.

She shows a great deal of independence as she WANTS TO eat by herself (rolling eyes as I am picking rice off the floor), but has become less stubborn and will let me feed her while she is feeding herself inbetween. I grin and bear it because she needs the independence and to feel like she is also able to do things like a big girl.

In the past two or so months, I have seen major development changes in such a little being. Much of it thanks to her out-of-this-world daymother, Michelle, who teaches her so much. Little M has really come a long way bonding and growing. I love to just sit and watch her. She has NO problem keeping herself busy (yay for one-and-done mom) and loves doing so. Be it drawing, playing with puzzles, loving her baba or just running around, I see a little girl who is in total bliss and has flourished so much.

We recently moved and she finally got her own room (yes after 16 months in a cot in my room). I wondered how it would be having her in her big girl bed all by herself, but she is doing so well. The first night was terrible and I thought “is this going to be a challenge”, but turns out we are cutting 6 teeth at the same time (and I thought the previous 4 were bad) and thereafter she has done just great in her bed.

We often underestimate these tiny humans, not realizing their true potential and what they are actually capable of, then they bowl us over and surprise us by showing that they have taken in all we have shown them. They are a fantastic ball of emotions and love, and want to be taught as much as they want to be loved. No two children are the same, and each has their own capabilities and wants and needs, but it is up to us as parents to give our children the best we can. To be great examples and role models, even when we don’t feel like much ourselves. I believe children learn most through play. Not to sit them down and force numbers, colours, words on them. But to mention them as they are playing and going along. They are sponges taking it all in. They may not show it soon, but it will come out eventually.

Hubby and I had such a good time playing with her today. We could give her all our attention and also bond as a family of three. We laughed, we played and we could enjoy the moment as a whole. At that moment I once again realized how complete we are in our little tripod family, and how this is everything I ever wanted. My heart and my home is complete.

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