Minky’s guardian angel

One of the greatest influences a person can have in this world is to influence a child – Rosemary Wixom

Guardian angels… We come across many of them in our lives. There are people, other than parents, who play a big role in influencing our children. One of those people is their teachers or caregivers. Their mom during the day. We all know that finding someone and trusting them with your whole entire life to take care of your precious baby is a difficult task. It can be stressful and we will always wonder at first whether we have made the right choice. I am lucky enough to say I have found a gem of a daymother for my Little Moo.

Teacher “Shell” (Michelle) has been looking after little M from Jan 2019 when I resigned to try the online teaching thing. She went there for a few hours a day which helped me ease into it as I knew I could go and fetch her anytime because I was just working from home. It wasn’t like I was dropping her off from 9-5 which made my mom heart feel a little better. Mianke was only 6 months old when she started there. I think it was a bit tough at first because a while after that she went through some separation anxiety but she loved her daymother from the start.

At first I figured I would send her there until she is about 2 years old and then I will send her to a preschool, because I figured at a daymother, she would just be looking after her and it would be a casual environment. Boy, was I wrong! My child comes home and shocks me regularly with the amount she learns at her Teacher Shell. It is most definitely not just a “daymother looking after children vibe”. She teaches little M so much; she constantly receives stimulation and is learning a lot each day while still playing and being a child.

“A child’s life is like a piece of paper on which every person leaves a mark”

One of the very first words she said was “yellow”. My little 1 year old showed me the colour yellow and I knew it certainly didn’t come from me. She has fantastic concentration for her age, building puzzles and “reading” books. This is all thanks to teacher M. She loves little M like her own and I have never felt more at ease leaving her with someone else. Being a pre-school teacher previously, I could see at what level the average toddler is functioning. Teacher M and little Moo exceed that expectation by far. Little M came home and showed me what and oval and diamond are. Thanks to a great teacher, who doesn’t push her but feeds her eager little mind with knowledge.

Anyone who knows little M knows that she does not like to go to just anyone, specially when she was younger. Dropping her off every morning is a breeze. I can probably count on 1 hand the amount of times she has cried at drop-off. It just doesn’t happen. Now fetching her is a different story. Some days I think she would rather stay and play than come home with me or her dad – which I just love because who wouldn’t want to see their child so happy at school?

On days where I wanted to run away because of this terrible thing called teething, asking Michelle how she was and I get the response “no she was fine, just a little bit miserable and she lay with me but all was good”. Look, either she is a good actor or she has just got a way with these little ones. I opt for the latter. She just has a way to calm her and to handle anything she is going through. I now have no intentions of moving little M anytime soon. She is receiving the best love in the world, after her mommy of course, and great education and stimulation.

Finding someone to care for your most precious little one is tough – but I must say, I nailed it! Not only did I find a great person, I found a great mommy-in-the-day, teacher and caregiver for her. Someone who I trust with my whole life to take care of little M just like I would. A real guardian angel on earth.

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