Becoming a big girl

When we moved in December, I finally got the chance to make a room for Mianke. We stayed in a 2 bedroom and I kept the second bedroom as a spare room for family and friends wanting to visit, so she slept in a cot in our room. In December we moved to a 3 bedroom and I was so excited to make her room nice for her.

A while before we moved, I put her on my own type of floor-bed. She was sleeping terribly in her cot. I think because she is tall and a restless sleeper, she kept knocking herself on the cot. I had a made up bed for her next to ours and the sleeping went a lot better, so I knew it was time for a big girl bed for her. I did some browsing a while before we moved and eventually decided on a house bed. We got a beautiful bed from Creations – Unique Lifestyle. I was more excited for the bed than I was to move.I chose this bed because she can’t fall out of it and she can use it for many years. When she is older, I can still use the mattress and just buy the base to go with it. And of course, because of how beautiful it is. A princess needs a princess bed.

mink bed

Sleeping in her new bed

I wondered how she would manage sleeping in her new bed without mommy right next to her but she handled it like a pro. For any new parent going through this change, obviously each child handles it differently, but they can do it. It may take time. Little M loves her new bed. I always lay with her until she fell asleep and then I would hear if she wakes up during the night or in the morning. Her ouma also bought her fairy lights which helps a lot to calm her down when she is having a little emotional breakdown.

A new bedtime routine

This little M sleeps through the night again, finally! We have just been battling with getting her to sleep. Lying there some nights for up to an hour until she falls asleep gets really frustrating at times. Eventually when I heard at school she just goes right to sleep I realised I needed to change this going to sleep thing! For my own sanity…

When it’s time for her nap or to sleep at night, I tell her we going to dudu and she runs to her room and gets into bed. I bring her “milky and B” (B is her bunny), tell her mommy loves her and I leave the room. Sometimes she takes a bit longer but most of the time when I pop my head into the room, she is fast asleep. This helps as I am not sitting there for ages until she sleeps, and also she knows when it is bedtime and that she must sleep.

Overall, it has been a very good and positive change for us all. Mianke becoming more independent in her own room and being a big girl with her bedtime routine. Such a precious soul.



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