Lockdown – 2 weeks in

As everyone probably knows, Corona virus has taken the world by storm with many countries in lockdown, us included. To be blatantly honest, I was relieved when I heard it was lockdown. Term 1 was one hell of a term at school & I wondered how I would be refreshed after only a week holiday. Well, I definitely got an extra long break here (if you can call it that). Two weeks of lockdown has actually flown by. We have (mostly) had a great time together as a family. Being together all day every day can get overwhelming at times, but I have really enjoyed this family time. Little M just loves having mommy & daddy full time. This is 2 weeks of lockdown passed, only to hear we have 3 more weeks ahead of us.

I regularly get asked what my plans are for the day or what I will be doing with M today. I don’t know about other parents, but I am doing AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE FOR AS LONG AS POSSIBLE! Ok not really, but I am most certainly not planning my days & I don’t have a daily schedule of activities for my 1 year old. In other words: I am winging it.

His cigar which didn’t last long

We have spent most of our days on the stoep, drinking coffee until it is acceptable to drink wine. Mi loves playing outside. We have had quite a few lovely, freezing winter days which are my favourite. We have had a braai, made some homemade pizza, finally perfected some slow cooker oxtail. I got to taste my husband’s food again :-D. Hubby made some clay which little one just loves. She secretly eats it too, but we managing that!


Okay so I am not really doing nothing with my small human. I made some flashcards & a book for little M which I had printed before lockdown. She loves the pictures on her alphabet cards. She also keeps herself busy with colouring, painting and puzzles. We painted some hearts & some Easter eggs & bunnies. She played in the tent with her pappa & we had a creche going with all her little babies. Her favourite toys are her dinosaurs or “sosaurs”.

Family time


I am totally loving family time. Little Mi is at a stage where she is developing so fast & saying the cutest things. She is starting to speak in a way that one can understand her & she thinks she is so funny – which she is. She just adores her pappa & I am sure she has him wrapped around her precious finger. We have so many laughs together. Times like these are important & we often forget how necessary this is in the hustle & bustle of everyday life.

What lockdown has taught me

  • Never take life for granted
  • Be patient, there is nowhere to run
  • My husband is an avid cleaner
  • I can wear an outfit for a few days
  • My husband will always be a runner, even if he must do 10km in circles
  • Brushing hair isn’t compulsory
  • I am a terrible baker if I can’t even make salt dough
  • Drinking wine everyday is acceptable
  • I thought I had enough wine, then Cyril laughed at me

Lockdown has been an inconvenience for many & a topic spoken about all over. Some agree, some disagree but all I know is that it has been a great opportunity to rest & bond as a family. Social media is a great tool & we have had countless voice calls with our loved ones. Families are posting pics of what they are doing, everyone has become master bakers & half of Facebook is filled with people drinking raw eggs… Cabin fever! It is a very uncertain time for me as I do not know what will become of the rest of the school year. There are so many theories & we have so many “researchers” that suddenly know what will be happening with the schools. I don’t know when we will go back, how the syllabus will be affected and how our income will be affected. But what I do know is that there is nothing I can do to change it, so for now, I will enjoy these precious moments with my 2 inmates while watching the outside zombie people tempting salmonella while locked up inside their houses.

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