About me

Hello & welcome! I’m Rosslyn – the author & creator of this blog. I started this page in 2019 as a way to express my feelings & experiences with regards to being a new mother. I found motherhood to be something loads had an opinion about & it was difficult to try and do “the right thing”. I used this as a way to talk about all the things motherhood comes with. Slowly the posts broadened to marriage & just life in general. If you need to hear that you aren’t alone in the way you feel, whether good or bad, then you should feel right at home!

I live in South Africa. Grew up in Welkom most of my life. I went off to study Psychology after school. I kicked off my teaching career in 2013 when I started working at a school in Bloemfontein. While working, I obtained my Honours degree in Counselling Pscyhology. Through mutual friends, I met my husband, Marius. We got married in 2016. I taught for preschool for 5 years in Bloemfontein.

2018 was an eventful year for us. We relocated at the beginning of the year for hubby’s work, moving to the big city of Johannesburg. I completed my PGCE in Education so that I could officially teach. In July 2018, we became parents to a beautiful little girl, Mianke Olivia. (The blog being name after her – A little piece of Mi. I moved over to teach High School, which is something I never thought I’d do but I have no regrets.

My big dream one day is to go into the line of psychology. I would love to open my own practice & mainly focus on therapy for children; specifically Play Therapy.

I absolutely love being a wife & a mom – both come with their challenges but something to know about me is that I love love! I have tons of love to give. I beleive everyone should know they are not alone in the world & that there is always someone who shares their thoughts & feelings.

I hope you will enjoy reading about our little family & life as a wife, mom & individual in this great big world. Please subscribe to receive all the latest posts or follow me on social media!

All my love